Tuesday, June 26, 2007

California Burning.

Last night - our local news led in with 7 fire stories. Most notably the South Lake Tahoe fire that destroyed around 200 homes. News link here. I'd been jittery about the fire season all spring. With really good reason.

Conditions are so favorable for fires right now you see smoke in the sky roughly once a week. I've started taking my camera more places because I just don't see how CAL FIRE is going to be able to manage enough resources to keep the season under control. You can see from the hillsides just how dangerous things are. This used to be a grove of oak tree's.

So anyway... I'm out running around this morning. I pop on the freeway to get to an appointment and off in the distance I see a huge smoke plume. But at this point I'm late. So I can't really go to investigate.

Since none of the firetrucks seemed in a big hurry, I figure it probably wasn't that big of a deal. Plus, I didn't see air support.

I figure the fire is going to be out by the time I get done with my appointment, but it wasn't. The winds had started kicking up. By the time I got up near the fire line - it was obvious it wasn't a big fire, rather lots of little hot spots. From the freeway the fire looked much larger.

Those are huge satellite dishes in the distance.

This weekend should be pretty interesting though. Thankfully I've heard very few pre-fireworks.. so hopefully people are taking the fire situation pretty seriously.

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