Monday, June 11, 2007

Just weird.

So - there is this guy who walks the neighborhood with his cat. Like - every day.

I don't know what to make of him. He always wears these crazy hats. I think the one here is Donald Duck - but it can be a jester/captains/cat in the hat - hat. And he always sings in this loud deep baritone voice. You can actually hear him before you see him. Usually the cat is on his shoulder.. but sometimes the cat will just follow him like a dog. It is the weirdest thing. He acts like he wants attention, then really doesn't engage when you try to talk to him.

Every time I have anyone at the house and the guy passes they all ask "whats up with the cat guy". A question I think we'd all like to know.


  1. My brother would do that with the cat when we were kids. Don't think he ever went around the neighborhood like that...

  2. I used to walk around the house with our cat on my shoulders, but she likes to ride back to front, and her butt stinks. So we have stopped that.

    People *ARE* strange in CA.

  3. "People *ARE* strange in CA. "

    Well - yeah.

    I guess the thing that makes it sort of weird is the hats. A little Dr. Seuss-ish. He might even have had that hat on once.

    If he was just walking his cat, it wouldn't have been so notable. I'd just shrug that off. But the way he pronounces his arrival with the singing. You can hear him coming from down the block. Instead of being quaint - it just seems abnormal.