Monday, June 18, 2007

Now I'm highly stressed.

Some of my regular readers will know about my desire to have a reduction.

I've been in this limbo mode for a while. Insurance has to pre-approve you before the surgery. You have to get records from other doctors who will say they think the surgery is medically necessary. So I've been going through this paperwork nightmare.

I finally thought I was on the homestretch - but I hadn't heard from anyone in about three weeks. Even though we all know insurance takes their good sweet time. I figured I might as well call and get a status. This is where I begin to freak out.

Me- This is Mrs. S, and I'm just calling to get a status on my case.

Dr. Office- Oh Mrs. S, we haven't gotten anything from your GP.

Me - Okay.. when I talked to you three weeks ago I told you that if you didn't receive anything from them early the following week you should call me so I can light a fire under them.

Dr. Office - Well I left you a message on May 24th.

Me- Yes, and we spoke shortly after that. I said you should call me if you didn't get the records by the following week.

Dr. Office - Well... who is your GP?

This is the part that made me really nervous. I have told this woman at least 5 times on the phone who my GP is. And - it should be in my fucking file anyway. I wrote it right in there on the consult visit.

Dr. Office - Well, you probably have to sign something before they will send the records.

You have got to be joking me, right? Now my red flag warning is off the chart. This woman is acting like I have never talked to her before. She hasn't made any notes to our previous conversations.

For instance - why would I be calling about the status when the last time I talked to her I was told I needed to sign a release form for my GP to get him to send his records. She must know this or she wouldn't have told me they hadn't gotten anything from my doctor yet.

Do I even have to point out this is a procedure that scares the shit out of me. I don't even really want to have it. I'm actually in tears because this is like a major deal for me, and I don't want to feel like my doctor or his staff are complete fucktards. I'm sorry if this shit freaks me out, but honestly this isn't a little cosmetic surgery.

Really - I think I should find another doctor. Even thought this doctor came to me from a recommendation. I don't know how my insurance will say about all that.

Plus this sets me back about 2 months at least. It took a month to get into see this guy. So - technically 3 months.

My stomach is in complete knots right now.


  1. That is pretty redonks. What a major hassle. You should probably contact your PCM and see if he/she can push your paperwork. That's pretty much Base Service from the boob doctor's office.

  2. Thanks for the advice MDG. I don't know what I'm going to do about it yet. It basically screwed my day.

    After all - its my only job in this world to babysit people. We all know the insurance company can just pull my records. But won't because they don't want to pay.

    I just want to be treated as well as a cancer patient. Which probably isn't that great. They are taking parts of my body and all.

    Okay - my new goal is just to be treated not great. Not - which part of the body do we remove again?

    Can't we just have some sort of truce? The insurance companies are run by men..they must understand no-one in their right mind would actually have something as fascinating as boobs taken down if there wasn't a good reason.

  3. Ugh, it sounds like a complete pain in the proverbial. Our medical system/health insurance is different so no advice, but good luck with it all.

  4. Thank you caramaena! Today I'm just trying to pretend like that whole thing doesn't exist. I know I'll have to handle it sooner or later.. but not today.

  5. New doctor. Easier said than done, I know, but if anyone treated me that despicably, I'd can 'em.