Sunday, June 10, 2007

My little slice of technology hell.

The past two weekends have been a blur. Which is why I'm writing about this now. In a few days most of the weekend events will just blend together into a ball of exhaustion.

In non-technology news.. the bunnies have managed to stage a revolt, and have had bunny emergencies on both weekends. Last Saturday Paisley's allergy problem flared into oblivion and she needed to be taken to the vet. Her ear was seeping puss. I'm now convinced she is allergic to petroleum based products. Vaseline.. and to the horror of all bunny owners - petromault. Which means when she gets a hair backup she has to go straight to propulsid. She has also been on baby Benadryl twice a day. Sucks.

This weekend - our bunny Fudge decided it was his turn, and in the middle of robbing him from extra fur he started screaming. His main malfunction is he won't stop eating when he feels bad and lets his stomach expand until it can't get any bigger. Blogged about it here. This would have caused a trip to the vet, but it was after closing hours, and since we have been through this before we just started him on the emergency routine. Sub-queue fluids, propulsid, anti gas meds, and pain meds. Yeah.. you read that right. Takes a lot of energy... and double sucks.

Now back to the technology stuff. I finally reached some sort of acceptance that I had to ship my Alienware machine to their site, and boxed it up. Took pictures in-case they claim it was fucked when they got it. Took the air compressor and blew it out from any dust. While the compressor is out we might as well blow out all the computers, roomba's, and scooba. And any other technology device that could use some de-dustification. Yeah - that now is a word.

The other thing is that the data closet (here) is fabulous - until you need to work on some machine. Since we were taking the Alien machine out, putting in an old crappy Emachine, and adding a new machine for the security system - this meant a total rework of the closet.

This was after pulling parts from other machines so I could use both my monitors. So we upgraded video card, power supply, and stole some memory from another machine to put into the Emachine. I might as well prepare for being without my Alien machine for weeks.

In a sidenote we are calling the security server Glady's after the old Bewitched television show. Sucks we have put it up, but one of the neighbors even suggested it since they were once broken into. Hopefully today we will get some of the cameras up. Next weekend there is suppose to be a kegger party, and I'm not sure all of these people will be drinking legal. If our cars get touched again, I'm going to freak out.

So - all the stuff from yesterday took us about 12 hours - and now my husbands video card is probably fucked. Hopefully. Otherwise I'm going to be lit up about it being a monitor. A big monitor that is little more than a year old.

I hope your weekend is going better than ours.


  1. aw poor bunnies. I hope they're feeling better soon.

    Messing about with computers can be hard work!

  2. Poor, poor buns!
    Poor, poor technology.

    We've got most of our stuff at our new(ish) place, just cleaning, kitchen junk, and the washer/dryer left at the old place.
    I have to send you a picture of the "lanudry room" along with the patio, so you can laugh and pitty me.

    Here's hoping that the Alien makes it back ok.

  3. Thank you caramaena!

    Sometimes I think bunnies are a little like babies. One of my girlfriends once said to me that for the first few years - babies try everything to kill themselves. They try to swallow crap, or strangle themselves. That is sort of how owning bunnies is. Constantly trying to get them not to kill themselves. Worst natural design ever. Okay - except for mantids, and pandas.

    MDG! I think I was starting to miss your posts.

    That was a super quick move. Honestly. You must be exhausted. How is mini-mdg loving the new place?

    "so you can laugh and pitty me."

    At first I thought that sounded mean.. but you are right. I probably would laugh.. and then offer sympathy. Then convince you to do crazy things to fix it. It will all be a distant memory though. You have a garage!@

  4. M. Sarge and I are freaking crazy ass movers. And I'm kind of proud to say that we did everything ourselves. Only borrowed a friend's truck for a couple of hours to do the couch and the matresses.

    I only say that you will laugh at my laundry room, because yours is so freaking nice. Mine is well, just laughable.

    Hopefully I'll get a post up today.

  5. "I only say that you will laugh at my laundry room, because yours is so freaking nice. Mine is well, just laughable."

    1. I would totally never laugh at that. I thought it was piled to the rafters with boxes.

    2. I can believe how much stuff you remember. Hell - even I have to go back to my own blog to remember what happened when.

    And 3. Everything looks pretty in pictures. Thats why you take them. And I don't write about half of the things that are annoying - only the super annoying.

    Plus - you have fantastic base housing. I mean - not being able to change things would make me a little crazy.. but it looks beautiful.

    The only difference between me and you is I get a crazy hair up my ass and rip stuff out, but we've lived in a lot of fixer-uppers. So stop. The crazier the fixer-upper, the more addicted I seem to be actually. Its really mental. Then I bitch about it later.