Thursday, June 07, 2007

Slow news day.

Not much going on at Chez-Snarkolepsy this week. It will be a slow week to finish up projects so next weekend we can go to San Fransisco for Robogames.

Normally I would post bunny pictures, but only 1 of my 7 regular readers even commented. Thanks Monicker! I mean - who could not think that was cute?

My biggest dilemma right now is whether I should let my mother-in-law help me recover from my impending reduction. I don't have a surgery date yet, but she planned to come out this summer, and now wants to combine the surgery with that visit. She called last night in fact to see what the status is. The problem - is insurance hasn't let me in on their secrete plan.

I'm all shades of conflicted because my mother-in-law is a very wonderful person and means well - but I'm not sure I'm going to feel like having company. I'll be all drugged up, and probably depressed. And seepy. Yeah you read that right. Seepy. They put drain tubes in you, and it is surgery after all. Plus, she is all motherly in a normal sort of way, unlike my own mother, and sometimes it's just too much. But she really wants to help.

The other half of me thinks maybe I'm over-reacting, and it will be just fine. My husband probably could use the help. I don't know - at any rate, I'm feeling pressure about it.


  1. Hummm. An acquaintance of mine felt it necessary to visit me when she was on pain meds from a similar operation. Let's just say I now know waaaay more than I want to.

    Them drugs, they make you chatty. Mother-in-law could end up knowing way more than you want her to.

  2. Wow - that is a totally interesting perspective, and something I hadn't thought of.

    On a normal day with the mother-in-law I have to stick my filter on a zillion.

    Plus - I kind of like being the person who gets told way too much, and not the other way around. I know the look I have when I walk away from those conversations...

  3. When are you leaving for RoboGames?
    where do you live?

    If you're here by Friday, introduce yourself...

  4. I would only recommend allowing this if MIL is super duper low maintenance. If you, or Mr. S are going to feel even the least bit presured to entertain her, then I would say no. If on the other hand she is coming with the full knowledge that youall are doing *NOTHING* for her, then Ok, the help and company will probably be nice.

    I'll save up a bunch of amusing stories to e-mail you while you're laid up.

  5. The thing is - she is actually low maintenance. But she's a little too something. Too eager - too helpful. I don't know.

    Okay - this is the thing. She and I are both only children, but she is the total opposite of me. I think I've always been a little shy because of the only child thing and I don't really like people fussing over me. She is the complete opposite of that. Which is why the decision is hard. She is just really trying to be nice, and I should be grateful for that.

    "I'll save up a bunch of amusing stories to e-mail you while you're laid up. I'll save up a bunch of amusing stories to e-mail you while you're laid up.

    I'm still getting stories now too - right?