Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is how I embarrassed myself today.

I just found out I've been calling my neighbors wife by the wrong name. For a year and a half. Then when he told me - I tried to cover it up and pretend I knew her name and I was just having a stressfull day. Which I'm sure just made the whole thing completely worse!

Man... I suck. How do I fix that?


I am all in a tizz about getting my neighbors name wrong. I feel really bad.

So I call up another neighbor and ask " Hey neighbor - what is our neighbors wife's name"?

Him - "um.. I just drew a blank". Why?

Me - " Apparently I've been calling her by the wrong name for a year and a half. I know I've said her name in front of you and you've never corrected me ".

At this point he busts out laughing.

Him - " um.. I don't know. What's her name"?

Me - " what do you mean? You've lived here for 20 years!"

Him - " So- whats her name"?

Me - "I'm not telling you - have your own embarrassing neighbor moment".

The thing is.. not one of my neighbors has corrected me when I've said her name. And they have all lived here for decades.

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