Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A sales rant about Vonage.

Tonight I get a call from Vonage. At first I thought it was a routine sales/marketing call.

The sales guy however tells me Vonage is calling customers that have called them recently because they have a sales promotion going on.

All of a sudden I got all exited. Because honestly, I did just call them a few days ago after I had my last customer service rant. Here.

At first I was super impressed because I never gave Vonage my number. Their sales guy had effectively frustrated me enough that I wound up not switching my service to them.

So, the company stripping my number from the sales call impressed me. Okay.. it doesn't take that much these days. To be honest, the sales guy could have had me at "hello".. but this is how he screwed it up:

While giving me the hard sales pitch he says the following:

"Do you have a pen, I'd like to give you some information to write down". Then he says " I'd like you to write down our company name - this is Vonage".

Me - "Um.. yeah, I know." You said you were calling all the customers who had recently called you. I know who you are. Plus, you've said the name like 20 billion times in 3 minutes.

While my husband is trying to find a pen, I figure I'd ask the sales guy about something I read. So I ask "I heard that Vonage uses Comcast's lines, and that Comcast has been downgrading the Vonage signal because they don't want you to enter the sector.

This causes the sales guy to totally ignore my question and tell me about the Vonage services again trying to stay on script. So I say "that doesn't answer my question". I again ask about Comcast downgrading the Vonage signal.

He then tells me he'd never heard about that problem. Then starts backpedaling.

Well, he says - if that does happen you can increase the Vonage signal. But again, he's never heard about Comcast doing that so it shouldn't be a problem. And we can try the service risk free for 30 days without disconnecting from our current service. Then goes onto say, maybe he has heard of Comcast downgrading the signal, but they have a complaint registered with the FCC.

Okay...Comcast is pissing me off so much I might not even care you guys are having a little flame war, but don't fucking lie to me about about it. Either you've never heard about it - or you have a complaint with the FCC. It can't be both.


  1. Huh. We have Vonage and Comcasst. We did kind of notice a bit of fuzzyness on our line for awhile there, but I just thought that it was a loose connection.

    I did think it was kind of funny that when my Comcasst guy came to hook us up, he totally bypassed the Vonage router.

    Comcasst is always calling us up to get us to switch to their unlimited calling $30 plan. Yesh, thanks, but we hardly even use the 500 minutes we have with Vonage, and we only pay $18.00 WITH the fees and taxes. Totally the reason we switched to Vonage from Verizon. Can you believe that we were paying almost $50.oo for ultra basic, no call waiting, no long distance, 500 minutes, no voice mail with Verizon? It used to piss me off when I had to pay that bill.

    While Vonage might have it's issues, I still like it much better than Verizon.

  2. "While Vonage might have it's issues, I still like it much better than Verizon"

    (Bangs head on table) You aren't going to believe this, but I've been totally hoping for Verizon FIOS.

    Verizon is one of the few companies on the planet that hasn't annoyed me. I mean.. I hate my phone.. but...

    As a matter of a fact, I wanted to get a different phone and didn't because I haven't had to deal with Verizon customer support at all!

    Maybe I'm the only one on the planet - or I've been lucky.

    So... what are the issues with Vonage?

    Because I'm a little unstable on my decision making. I'm excited for any company that will take business away from Comcast..

    More importantly I'm desperate and want to stop blogging about how much they piss me off.