Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My girls travel in packs.

Normally I don't post about conversations I have with friends. Mostly because they are too intimate, personal, inappropriate. Choose one. Today I am breaking my rules.

When one of my girlfriends called last night at 9:00 - I knew there would be trouble. Before I even answered the phone I was sure she was in a dark place. Which is basically my code phrase for freaking out. Sounds more ominous than it really is.

Honestly, I wanted to not answer the phone. My girls seem to run in packs, and when one wants to talk they all want to talk. Its gotta be some crazy thing like women's periods sync up or something, because it happens all the time. I can go for days and not speak to any of them... then bam! they all descend on me like the neurotic chatty Cathy's we all are.

So I was already pretty high up there on the talked-out list. But it was uncharacteristically late for her to call.. so I figured I should just suck it up.

Let me just say - talking to my girlfriends is a little like squirrels on crack chattering at cats. Because all of our lives are so hectic - we get to talking so fast that a full 8 hour conversation gets condensed into about 2 hours. I'm exhausted by the time I'm done. Then - I wind up doing the highlight recap for my husband which always involves the phrase "can you believe that"? He gets exhausted just from the 15 minute recap. Plus all of a sudden he is faced with a wife that is completely wound up like a child on sugar.

So girlfriend and I are spawned from the hippy-est hippies on the planet. I started becoming more conservative long ago.. but she moved to Seattle and became one of my most liberal friends. And I live pretty near San Fransisco, so that's saying a lot. I wouldn't say I am a full out conservative.. I'm not. I'm just more conservative than she is. I'm the type of conservative that doesn't care what you do with your life.. I just want to keep the money I earn.

This is how liberal she is. When she met and married her husband some years back he wouldn't even use a car at all. He would only use a skateboard for transportation. The only reason she still drove is because she's a girl and girls are not going to choose a skateboard over a car.

Well, lets say some years later skateboarding isn't as practical. But he still wants to buy a cabin in the woods. Stock it with supplies for when the end of the world comes due to global warming, antiperspirant giving everyone cancer, or whatever this weeks liberal is telling her she needs to do to prepare for Armageddon. She told me last night her husband actually told her he thought they could hike to the cabin in a week.

As you can imagine there is a lot of eye rolling. Nodding in agreement and biting my tongue - but whatever. The thing is, almost every time I talk to this friend she is becoming remarkably more conservative. And it isn't happening gradually over time. Every conversation she is becoming less granola hippy, and its freaking me out.

I've never seen anything evolve this fast. Its like how fast the sea-people evolved on the Southpark epiode "Simposons Already Did It". At this rate next month she is will be to the right of Rush Limbaugh.

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  1. I often refer to myself as a recovering hippy. It's sort of like alcoholism. You can never be fully cured.