Saturday, April 20, 2019

Wing infatuation.

I know this blog has been a content desert lately and I do apologize for that. All my old stuff is just boring me and I'm trying to find new stuff. But Asian invasion (Hondas and stuff) came to the burbs and my car sugar was low.

I don't know that I'm ordinarily a huge fan of wings...... they have been around a for long time now. So I think the more comically large they are - the more they entertain me.

Everything is just super flared out these days and it just makes me sort of laugh.

The thing about Asian invasion shows is they pack all the cars in really tight. And this car only had this on one side.

This was a sound system. Don't ask me to explain it. It took up all of the back seat and was really hard to get all of it in.

Hypercolor made somewhat of a come back. Which made me happy. This was the best of the bunch, but I've seen some crazy hyper color in my time.

Drift trikes! OMG. They finally made it to the burbs. I was into this about two years ago and it's really fun. The back wheels have no traction so they just slide around. And they are electric which makes them crazy peppy. I think he said these go like 30 miles and hour now.

Oddly enough, Asian invasion gives me hope for the car world. I'm bored to death of the old guys and their perfect restorations. I want stupid wings and pointy lug nuts and something besides stock paint.

This is just some rando I got at the bank before the car show. But I like it's shape.

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