Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The deets.

I fell into a ditch of drama this week, so I'm late in getting you details. We did a two night, one day,  daycation to Visit Table Mountain.

Originally I wanted to stay up in Oroville, but ALL of the hotels were full, and the Airbnb's were charging Las Vegas level prices. So we settled in a little town called Colusa which apparently is the most conservative city in California.  You know it was a conservative town because both mornings we got woken up with The Star Spangled Banner chiming out from the churches. They also gave you a chaser of some other religious song. But the first morning I was like..... whaaaaat the hell. It's the star spangled banner. Mr S was like no. But by morning two you could easily make out the chimes.

It was also the sort of town that was nicely walkable from our airbnb. So I could drink as much as I wanted. But when you walked in the bar, literally everyone in there turned around. You could see the "you're not from around here" rolling around in their heads.

After we booked I also found out that Jerry Brown was going to retire there. No Jerry Brown sightings, but wow..... that was a small town. And their water smells funny. What's up with that? We thought it was the airbnb, but when we got up to Table Mountain we were like - all of their water smells funny.