Friday, April 05, 2019

From the rumor mill.

Nearly 36% of tech employees are concerned about being fired, according to a recent Blind report.

"An increasing number of tech employees have anxiety about being laid off, according to a Blind survey released Tuesday. This fear is so prevalent that Blind, an anonymous community app for the working world, created an entire channel where tech workers could discuss the topic.

The survey asked a simple yes or no question: Are you worried about layoffs at your current company? Out of 8,230 respondents, 36% responded that yes, they were worried."

That seems like a lot of percent for a booming economy.

Top 10 companies where people are worried.

  • Tesla Motors (77.22%) Duh
  • eBay (71.88%) Has had a small number of layoffs already.
  • Snapchat (71.25%) Also duh.
  • SAP (66.28%) Is in the process of thousands of layoffs.
  • VMware (65.77%) had layoffs in January
  • Oath/Verizon Media (61.11%) Had layoffs in January
  • Cisco (50.51%) Rumors but nothing specific yet.
  • PayPal (49.48%) Just announced layoffs.
  • Intel Corporation (48.21%) Just announced layoffs.
  • NVIDIA (36.96%) No news yet but mad rumors. I called this months ago because Nvidia has a super weird management structure. I've heard of 5 managers - managing 1 guy. Crazy.

    1. SAP could still easily operate with 1/3 of its current workforce. Most big corps have a lot of dead wood to cut.

    2. At least they can salvage one or two parts from that thing. Unlike having to dunk a Tesla.