Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Here go hell come.

Near-record inventories pinch dealers.

I have to admit, it has been quite the curiosity how this isn't affecting the market yet. Pretty much all of my ghost lots are still there. Even one in Redwood City.

I can't snarf their whole article, so you have to go read the whole thing.

"Automakers and their dealers have millions of reasons to be concerned about weakening U.S. new-vehicle sales — nearly 4.2 million reasons, to be more precise.

That's how many unsold cars and trucks the industry had on hand going into this month, an unwieldy pool of vehicles that has spilled into vast overflow lots popping up wherever enough wide-open space is available: shuttered factories, vacant shopping centers, barren fields.

The estimated 4,188,200 unsold vehicles on April 1 was the highest inventory number for any month since that reported for July 1, 2017, and just 114,300 vehicles less than the modern-day record set in May 2004, according to the Automotive News Data Center. It's over half a million vehicles more than automakers and dealers were grappling with in the spring of 2007, when the Great Recession was just around the corner. The figures do not include the estimated 18,000 electric vehicles that Tesla had in inventory this month."


  1. 4,188,200 unsold vehicles at 30k each is a trillion dollars worth.

  2. Look at you Anon. When you put it that way - that is crazy.

    Leaperman...I think you keep the facade going until you can't. Right now, they keep plugging out okay numbers. But it seems they are just stockpiling them. Who knows when this ends.

  3. P.S. they really cram those videos with ads don't they. Like very 2 minutes.

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, May 01, 2019 3:53:00 PM


    30 000 * 4 188 200 = 125 646 000 000

    A eighth of a trillion, not a full trillion, but still a lot.

    Yeah, I'm done being the Math Nazi for you.


    Leaperman: uBlock Origin works even better and accepts ABP block lists. Unlike ABP, uBlock Origin doesn't include shady whitelisting deals, it only blocks stuff according to major block lists.

    I use a lot of browser add-ons so my browser doesn't look like a video screen from the movie "Idiocracy" -- there's a comment somewhere here that has a partial list of everything I'm using, including most of the privacy stuff.

    Recent changes include launching Firefox with a script so it nukes HSTS cookies as well as a bunch of other stuff that the Mozilla people decided to collect in text files, even when you're in "private browsing mode", but that browser profile no longer reliably lets me make comments here ...

  5. I don't like to soften reality too much. I like trying to figure out how ol' Zuck makes money. But that video was really desperate. I mean, nobody watches those things. I only opened the link 10 minutes before it took off so I was watching TV most of the time. But it was noteworthy how crammed it was.