Monday, April 15, 2019

One candidate down.

I started going to these things in the last election. I saw Trump and Hillary. And I went to Bernie but he was something like like two hours late and I finally got so pissed I left. It was a super hot day that day.

I'm not in it to hear what these people say........ I'm in it to see the crowd size and compare it to what I see on TV. Because the media likes to have all these tight shots that make things seem much more big than they are.

I honestly didn't want go at all, but I was mildly interested in how they were going to talk about that dumping of illegals in sanctuary cities. Because that shit makes me laugh. Trump is a brilliant troll. If you've ever started a flame war - you will sort of understand what I mean. It's a little like playing Risk. There is a certain phycology to them.

First you need to have at least your first five defenses all thought out. Because people are going to come at you. At the same time you need to persuade other people in the thread to be on your side. Not their side. Or else everyone will just start coming at you and you lose. It's a delicate balance. Personally I think you should dislike all of your leaders, so take my praise for what it is.

So anyway - I was not looking forward to this one at all. I was really only going to do a drive by to gauge the crowd size, but I rolled up 20 minutes before it started, and I literally could park anywhere. I'm like - okay... I will just go in and take a few shots, but I found myself so close to the stage that I just stayed. I was about 25 feet from it, but honestly, I could have stood right next to it if I wanted to.

The only real interesting thing to me about the event was that they had everyone stand for the Pledge. Then a girl did the National Anthem. Followed by muslim scripture? It was odd. I was shocked they even did the first two honestly.

Also he kept talking about how the American Dream is dying, but he was in a very affluent suburb where the median household income is like 130,000. But he kept talking like he was out in Stockton or something. In my head, I'm like - who are all these people? Finally I found out after he said - I know there are a lot of teachers out there in the audience and the crowd went wild. I'm my head I'm like - Oh... now I get it.

I counted 11 media outlets and felt their equipment was really being underutilized because of how few people showed up. One outlet had a lens as big as a persons head. Way bigger than the ones to do wildlife photography. I estimated there about about 500 people there. The media claimed 1500. I will split the different with them and say 1000 people were there. Not a great showing for his home district.


  1. Should I be embarrassed that I don't recognize him?

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, April 17, 2019 6:45:00 PM

    Caption this photo: "Why yes, I do have a nuclear arse-nal stuffed up my backside, and I am soooooo suuuuper, thanks for asking!"

    Silent but deadly.

    My single most powerful argument as for why there is no justice for The Anointed Ones(TM) in America: 18 USC 832c.

    "Whoever without lawful authority ... threatens to use or uses a radiological weapon against any person within the United States ... shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life."

    This smug frat boy should be serving time at ADX Florence for terrorism.

  3. The weird thing is - I know way more liberals with guns than conservatives. But they are all completely phony about it.

  4. Yeah. I think it way more efficient to do a one to one swap. If they want socialism so bad, let them go and I will take one of those illegals in their place. Any day of the week.

    They have to find their way out, and if they make it back to the US since and repeat.