Thursday, April 18, 2019

I wonder what this is all about.

Reads - Mansion Pool Party. (location - Los Altos)

LA based executive producers will be shooting for a new Reality TV show based on Silicon Valley culture. The show follows the lives of various entrepreneurs. There are potential spots on the cast for 2 women, and will be a good chance to meet the executive producers and rest of the cast. Also will be quite the party pool party. Please text your Instagram handle to (XXX)XXX-XXXX, (redacted) or email to (also redacted)  for initial screening to get on guest list . Address will be sent once you are on the list.


  1. I love me some reality TV. But pasturella? No thanks. I have already had way more experience with pasturella than I ever wanted. It kills bunnies.

  2. Really? When I plugged it into google I got this. I didn't read past the first line because I was like - oh pasturella.

  3. (smile) You can not read this blog and not know that I have a short attention span. Sometimes I only read the first line. You must like me somehow anyway..... you keep showing up. (smile)