Tuesday, April 23, 2019

In the socialist utopia of Stockton.

"STOCKTON -- The Stockton Police Department has released new statistics showing violent crime is up 13 percent in the city compared to the same period in 2018.

So far in 2019, there have been nine homicides, 250 robberies and 732 assaults.

"We have seen an increase and that's concerning to us here at the police department so that's why we're sitting down, analyzing the data to see exactly why we're seeing an increase," Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva said. "This year we had a double homicide and a triple homicide. Unacceptable."

Those numbers will increase again for next month's report after four people were shot at a bar over the weekend."

I haven't really been paying attention to Stockton. I don't get out there much. But they had a huge fire yesterday at the port so I decided to go over and see how life was looking. And apparently not well.

I was talking to Mr S. about this last night because the residents seem fairly frustrated. One person writing about it said -  "Apparently multiple people getting shot doesn't even illicit a press release from the Stockton Police."

Mr S. says - That's pretty much what I thought would happen once they went to a Universal Basic Income.

I tilt my head and turn to him and say - what?

Him - Yeah, since all these people running for office are all on board for this type of system I figured we would never hear anything bad out of Stockton again. They would just stop reporting bad news.

And wouldn't you know it - that seems to be exactly what they are doing. It's really hard to find actual numbers for homicides. You know where it's easy to find them? The city of Oakland where they have had 24 this year. As far as I can count, Stockton is already up to 13.


  1. We will see. Nothing stays the same forever.

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, April 27, 2019 8:07:00 PM

    В Советской Стоктоне, Калифорнии, благосостояние работает ВАМ!

    Someone needs to change the signs at the city entrances.

    "Добро пожаловать в Солнечный Советской Стоктоне!"
    "Welcome to Sunny Soviet Stockton!"

    They should also change the name of the main drag through town to "Карл Маркс Проспект" ("Karl Marx Prospekt", a.k.a. Karl Marx Avenue) ...

    And all of the new signs should be red. :-)