Monday, April 29, 2019

If you like re-runs....

Pretty much all of this stuff has made it to the blog more than once. And it IS cool stuff. It was just cooler a few years ago. Before I'd seen it a bunch of times.

I can't believe steam punk is still a thing.

I liked how the tank was all beat up in a purposeful looking way.


This one is rope powered.

I still love me some big wheels. Especially when they put big wheels on it then lower it.

You know you have baller money when you are willing to park your Ferrari in an ankle twisting field.

I have a special place in my heart for these Rossions. I still call them Nobles even though Rossion bought the naming rights. They are kit cars.

I think I love them so much because when I was growing up kit cars were just becoming the rage. But they all looked stupid and cheap and they were usually built on someone else frame. This one was it's own breed and looked like it could have been made by Lotus. And they were reasonably priced. 

When they first came out I thought we might replace the Solstice with one of these. But then the world went to shit. I guess there are only about 100 of these in existence. I think I've seen about 5 or 6. I don't really remember them coming in any other color. But I always love when I see one.

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