Thursday, April 25, 2019

Maybe nothing.

Jobless claims jump 37,000 to 230,000 in late April to hit 2 1/2-month high.

Obviously this number is still really low. But literally 3 months ago, no one was talking about this.    

Then today Intel and 3M announced layoffs. And there are a lot of weird layoffs. Like schools and stuff.  Also, it just a weird time of year for this. Normally layoffs happen around Christmas because they have pushed their products through and people become redundant.

There is no real trend at the moment. Just lots of small layoffs all over.


  1. Well, in the case of Intel - it's all fat. But 3M surprised me. I'm not sure the answer to that yet. Plus, there are just a lot of store closing right now. So, I'm thinking the number for sure will go up in retail.

  2. That's a 16% jump. Plus Intel and 3M...