Friday, April 12, 2019

Rich people problems.

I have been watching this story for a couple of weeks now because it's sort of ridiculous. This house is visible from the 280 freeway North of Menlo Park. South of San Fransisco.

A new owner bought this house a year to two ago and started placing dinosaurs in the back yard which pissed off neighbors or the city. Probably both.

Allegedly to place dinosaurs in your yard you need a permit in this city. Now everybody is sueing each other. And really I hope that lady bankrupts that town like what happened in Half moon Bay. It isn't enough that she might pay the permit fees or not. But to even go through that process she has to tear them all out. Because in California, you aren't allowed to do what you want on your own land. It's not the worst eyesore honestly.


  1. No clue if you know who author Seanan Mcguire is, but she has a lawn velociraptor. Which has, apparently, freaked out many a delivery driver. I have to admit to spending way too long trying to plan out planting of new privacy trees in order to hide a dragon in my front lawn after seeing her posts about it. The Flintstone house is just awesome

  2. Oh yeah... you want to hide your dragon. People may steal that. I don't know who Seanan is, but how did the drivers get freaked out. Just not expecting it, or.....?

  3. Hidden by the trees on the walk up to the door, turn around to walk back and there's a dino head at eye level peering out of the trees. She had a set of photos of it, but I can't find them now to link to.

  4. I can get pretty easily startled like that to Ruth. So I can see that.