Friday, April 05, 2019


Attention, Plebs: New Cars Are Becoming Prohibitively Expensive.

What do you think happens when they start cramming these cars with all of these cameras? I happen to know that a new bumper costs about 3 grand. And that is in a car that doesn't have ANY technology at all! So cram a few sensors and cameras in there and what do you think is going to happen?

I honestly wonder all the time how much a bumper is going to cost in the future every time I see a new sensor pop up on one of these.


  1. I thought of you today. Reading the local "big city" news, and they're trying to bring those ride share e-scooters to Syracuse NY. I rolled my eyes. Syracuse spends half the year buried in snow, so yes, lets do scooters!

  2. I guess I always feel sort of touched when this blog creeps into peoples real life. It's sweet in a way.

    About the scooters - I would pay to watch people ride them in the snow. I mean, only once or twice - but it seems like people get hit every month here now. I can't imagine snow would make that better. At least it seems like people have stopped throwing them into bodies of water.

  3. Keeping the sidewalks clear enough to walk on is a CONSTANT topic of discussion here. And no, very very few areas actually manage to clear sidewalks of snow well enough to be easily walkable. Rideable on a cheap ass scooter that has a battery dying due to the cold? Sure, sounds good to me *sarcasm*

  4. Remember "5mph bumpers"? They supposedly made it costless to bump into a car ... until they started adding lights.

  5. I only remembered it after you pointed it out. But I HAD completely forgotten that existed.