Sunday, May 21, 2017

It's where my demons hide.

I've been spending so much energy trying to find new interesting things to blog about, yet mostly coming up with dry holes - I had to go to the beach. I couldn't do Maker Fair - I couldn't deal with the people. The beach makes me feel better in a way that nothing else can. It makes me feel calm. You can't get cell coverage. It's like the world goes away and it's just you and the ocean.

I didn't get to stay long - traffic is just mind boggling everywhere. It will add at least an hour to every trip. And a lot of the roads at the coast are still closed due to the winter slides. Since you can't really get cell coverage at the beach - it makes things a little challenging.

California is funny about their signs. If they do a road improvement project - they will make a million giant signs patting themselves on the back. See how great we are doing this project for you! But directional signs.....California's motto is meh - you will figure it out.

Then there is the weird thing about nav apps. Waze will not know a road is closed while Maps will. And they are owned by the effing same company. So you aren't completely sure if a road is closed or not. They kinda really suck at road closures.

Anyway... I only got a couple of hours on the beach.. but wow I needed it. And I did get to check out this awesome overlook on my detour.

The beach I chose wasn't the prettiest this time. But it was filled with tidepools and stuff.

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