Monday, May 15, 2017

I don't know why they have to treat us like hostages.

Mr S. managed to break my phone a few months back. I asked him to hold it and he dropped it. he hands it back to me and says - I think I broke your phone. Now it's acts all shades of funny.

Then, I shit you not,  a week later he says-  you won't believe it.  I broke my phone. And he hands it to me and the screen is shattered. It acted even more shades of funny. Two phones in one week people. But we've basically been living with it because we weren't that far from the end of our contract.

We finally decide to upgrade instead of use insurance to just get them replaced. We could have upgraded at the cell phone store but Samsung was having a special. If you bought the phone through them you'd get a 6 month Netflix subscription. A phone stand,  and a memory card. I normally hate freebies, but if I was going to buy a new phone - It wouldn't hurt to have a memory card.

Mr S's phone arrives and no freebies. So he gets them on chat and finds out that somewhere in the fine print it says it will take six-eight weeks to get the additional items. Mr S. tells them that he understands if items are backordered, but Netflix is just a coupon code. Apparently since "it's a bundle", you have to wait six weeks for it and the other things to arrive.

Now, they plainly could have stated this in the ordering process and probably everyone would have felt fine. After all - they probably don't want to ship many of these things anyway (they are FREE) so why not say, "you can get one of these, but it's going to take a while". If you are ordering because of those things - you are going to order anyway. Instead they manage to make me resentful for a stupid freebie!

I don't really care about the Netflix subscription, as I said - what I really wanted was the memory card, but it would make me feel a lot better while I was waiting for the other stuff. I mean, really six weeks. What is this? 1980?

It just doesn't make sense the things companies do. Seriously. ONE line on their ordering page. ONE LINE. It all it takes. Instead now I don't want to order from them again because they chose to hide things in the fine print.

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