Monday, May 15, 2017

People must not be buying appliances.

Whenever the world starts to look a little pear shaped - I like to go to Fry's electronics to see how pear shaped things look. And to be sure, this is not the worst I've seen it. During the recession I thought this store was going out of business because the shelves were Venezuela bare. But I did notice another odd thing. I only bring it up because during the last recession it seemed like every store loaded up on appliances to sell. Even OSH was selling them for a while.

As I was going through the department, one thing jumped out over and over. A good portion of refrigerators were cornered, or had giant dings in them, or the doors didn't even line up. Not one of them was marked down. And fridges cost like 3 grand! I have never seen an appliance department look like this. I mean, why would you even buy from a store who couldn't keep their floor models looking good? It's like no effs given. All I know is going to Fry's made me feel a lot worse about the world. They were loaded up three isles deep with all the "as seen on TV" stuff. Perfume took up another. TV's. Who's buying new TV's at this point?

The problem with the Trump administration is that he's killed a lot of regulation, but that cost is already baked into the cake. Most of the stuff he's done hasn't trickled down to the average person yet. And for sure it feels like people have held their breath waiting and now they are just all rolling over because they can't hold their breath anymore. All the stuff Trump as done so far yields long term relief. Not short term relief. So I think we are in for some pain for a while.

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