Sunday, May 28, 2017


Because traffic looks like that - I am sheltering in place.

And since Mr S. is still on his rein of bread terror - today we got hamburger buns. Which were really amazing. I mean 90% of the bread he's baked tastes amazing. Trying to get bread to hold it's shape....well, that's an art form I guess, and Mr S. is in an obsessive phase.

Which means some weeks he will bake bread three times a week  because the last batch didn't work exactly how he wanted it. And if it sounds like I'm bitching a little.. it's because I am (Only a little). No one can eat that much bread a week without blowing up like a balloon. But he's really getting pretty amazing at this stuff. These rolls came out perfect, so hopefully I will only get bread once this week. It is pretty amazing to get fresh baked bread at home though.

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  1. The recipe fro the hamburger buns is here:

    Mr S.