Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Finally - a REAL product.

Mr S. started sending me links about this thing a bunch of months back. I was pretty meh on it. I didn't see the need. Normal routers work just fine. The projects looked fairly arts and craftsy. I have a house. I need a real mans tools for real projects. Even though I'm a girl.

So the first thing I asked the guy was how thick of wood can this thing cut. Which was an inch and 3/4's. First hurdle passed. All the projects I'd seen on the videos were half inch plywood kinda stuff.

Then I tried it, and I turned into a fan girl right away. It's the simplest tool I think I've ever used. It feels like you are tracing things out rather than cutting them. Really, it's so simple a child can use it without worrying about them at all. I'm actually not a bad woodworker, but routing I never quite got the hang of. I guess this is technically a CNC. Which means it also does plastic and sheet metal. It can't do things like aluminum because that needs lubrication to cut and the machine isn't waterproof.

There is so much vaporware in Silicon Valley that when you run across something real - You really just want them to succeed. They are kinda pricey at around 2100 bucks. Plus the tape to keep it oriented is about 15 dollars a roll. But if they make it(and I hope they do), I think it will change the woodworking world.

Watch the "how it works" video. Home site here. It even has an automatic mode for really fine detail. For instance they were demo'ing it cutting the shape of California. The Bay area has all these tiny details. So you just push a button and the machine figures it out on it's own. It's really magic.

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