Thursday, May 11, 2017

This generation is going to get their ass handed to them.

Old guy says demise of ‘time-sapping hobby’ Snapchat is good for the market.

"Marginalized older people and Snapchat haters, rejoice, for on this day a glorious gift has been bestowed upon you. 

Yes, just as many had predicted and perhaps hoped, a dark cloud is hanging over sunny Venice, Calif., thanks to a $2.2 billion loss that has investors fleeing Snap’s stock SNAP, +0.39% in droves.

And nobody captured the schadenfreude wafting around Wall Street quite like Dennis Gartman, editor and publisher of the Gartman Letter"

When the market starts telling you that "old people just don't understand technology" as an excuse for not making money - here go hell come. And I'm gonna laugh and laugh and laugh.

Update - imagine my surprise when I realized the guy who wrote this article was an "old." He doesn't even have the stupidity of youth to back him up. He's just a shill because he's gotta be on the far side of genX. He looks older than I do! He's been working at marketwatch for like 17 years. Man.... let him have some skin in this game. Please.

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