Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's never going to stop being 2009.

Nasdaq Shrugs Off Commodity Carnage, Retail Crash In May For Longest Win Streak Since 2009.

I started seeing some of this weakness coming through last night in Asia and thought - am I going to have to start bitching about deflation again. So tiresome.

This is what I generally feel about the world right now. The Dems are going to cave this market. WTF do they care? Making things horrible only helps them get more people on welfare. I was really surprised when people bought into the Trump bump because none of his policies would be felt for at least a year I thought. Even when Regan took over it was a year or two before things picked up. And Obama left landmines like confetti.

I also want to say that it is sort of weird that the dollar is going down, and oil is also going down. They normally work inverse of each other. Who knows what that means? (shrug)

Some people speculate that the plunge protection team is the only thing holding up this market. I'm not sure one way or another. But I am sure that most billionaires start to become socialists because they get too far from what made the company in the first place. It's easy to become socialist when things are easy. When you get too far away from the 'struggle' it distorts your thinking.

Anyway.. If it's true the PPT is working this market I don't think it will stave off the socialists billionaires from taking this market down. I don't know what day... but it feels like we are walking on a semi frozen lake.

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