Friday, May 12, 2017

It's really a war on your parking space and that's a good thing.

When I look out at the landscape of the world I think - where are all these people going to live? As each buildable lot gets snapped up - I seriously start looking at where else they can put people.

Thank gawd for the mallpocolypse I think to myself. Where are they going to put people after they use all that space I often wonder. Then I start looking at Churches. Not just because I'm godless, but because they usually are on a ton of land! And tons of people who do believe in god don't even go to churches anymore. That is some prime real estate I think.

I was pretty affected by growing up in Silicon Valley. When I was growing up all the old people were so sad that this place wasn't filled with cherry Orchards anymore. I'd marvel and think - all of this popped up in basically one generation!? That's amazing! We'd already been to space and back and I'd think - who'd want to live here is it was just nothing but orchards? This place is marvelous! Look at all the stuff they've made in ONE generation.

Then I grew up got my own house. Planted a cherry tree and thought - thank gawd this place was taken over by all these buildings. If we had to depend on cherries we'd all be dead. You get one crop a year, and if it rains at the wrong time - you are literally screwed for the whole year. But the old people - all they wanted was their stupid orchards.

Anyway.. the reason I gave you this backstory is because the wet dream of Silicon Valley right now is that people won't own cars anymore. I don't know who owns them, but allegedly you won't. And every time I go to one of these conferences I try to figure out why this is such a big deal with them. I mean, they are really ravenous in this opinion.

You may think it because they feel cars are evil or whatever. But lately I've been noticing a trend. It started when the Apple campus went up. Some people were making a big stink about how many parking spaces that place had when Apple was allegedly such a "green" company. And as it turns out - the city regulates that and they force companies to build three parking spaces for every single car they expect to have.

Now, when land is at such a premium as it is now - that's a lot of effing unused space just sitting there doing almost nothing except at certain times of the day. I think that is really the reason they are pushing so hard on this.

I don't know how many people will convert to the "Silicon Valley" plan, or how long it will take - but at least I know where some of these people will live in the future. Reclaimed parking lots.

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