Thursday, May 04, 2017

This is ridiculous.

Self-driving electric vehicles to make car ownership vanish.

"SAN FRANCISCO — So if you're skeptical or nervous about the coming age of self-driving cars, consider this incentive: a $20 Uber or Lyft fare could be slashed to $2. 

It's the wet dream Silicon Valley that car ownership will go away. They theorize that since you really only use your car 10% of the time - the rest of the time it just sits around doing nothing - you will give up your car. In theory it makes sense, but that's the thing about "theory" it isn't reality.

My first question always is - who is going to own these cars? Miles traveled isn't going to go down. So, who is responsible for all the maintenance costs? I mean, I just spent a grand on tires after 30 thousand miles for my truck. And since these cars are never going to "do nothing" - who is going to absorb all these costs? And how pray tell are you going to have a driver only get two bucks for a fare?

"Better yet, it might even be free if the ride provider is, say, a Starbucks autonomous ride-sharing van that's covering the cost of your 40-cent commute by selling you a pricey latte. "

Ooooooooooh. Right. We are back to being consumer hostages.

And this isn't a vision of the future for today's toddlers, but likely to happen within a decade of the anticipated 2020 rollout of autonomous vehicles."

This is never going to happen in my lifetime. I think autonomous cars will come much sooner than people think because they are throwing a ton of money at it. But people have always had a love affair with cars. It's going to be a generation before you get people who love to drive to give them up.

I often ask people if they would buy a self driving car, and most of the time they say no because they still love driving. I even asked a pilot once, and he said he didn't trust self driving cars. I thought, really? Don't planes have all sorts of automation? I thought that guy would be a shoe in.

I think as people get older they will all eventually give in, but they will still have an old timey gem of a car sitting in the garage.

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