Friday, May 26, 2017

They managed to ruin it for everyone.

This whole conversation started with Mr S. telling me about that guy who bought a ticket to go see the Wonder Woman movie open to women only.

Me - I can't imagine anywhere I'd rather be less than a movie theater filled with women. I base who I want to hang with by who uses the bathrooms, and I don't want to wait in a line.

Him - Well you could always self identify as a man and use the men's room.

Me - I did that once accidentally. I was walking out as a guy was walking in. It must have been a really clean men's room because I think that would have tipped me off sooner.

Him - You didn't notice the urinals?

Me - It didn't have urinals. That would have totally been a tip off. I would actually do that more if men's rooms weren't so disgusting. You guys sort of have your own repelling feature. I mean, what is a guy going to say - there was a women in the mens room............ said no guy ever.

Him - Was it one of those unisex bathrooms? You know like that Starbucks we stopped at.

Me going off on a tangent - I can't stand those things. It's like being in your 20's all over again where you have to train the guy to put the toilet seat down.

Him - Now I get the lines.

Me - Oooooh right. I guess I didn't see it from your point of view because I've got my own issue going on with them. That sucks.

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