Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Because what you really need is a snoop-ey refrigerator.

We have reached the stage of unnecessary AI. Already. This tiny fridge has face recognition built in.

Object recognition I can get behind, but why would anyone buy a fridge that has this feature? Oh-  who gives an eff.  This is really so conglomerates can edge out each other with what you are buying. And that is really how Silicon Valley sees customers ( I mean hostages) right now. You are just the mark that buys this crap so companies can spy on your habits. Cheating on your diet? Now the fridge knows who uses what and your family can narc each other out.

Maybe it will be a big hit with communal houses. Roommates are always eating each other peoples food. Once I had 6 roommates and a boyfriend. So, 8 total people. Other than that......I see this as totally unnecessary.

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