Thursday, May 11, 2017

Snap is emblematic of the rot that is Silicon Valley right now.

Silicon Valley has lost it's way - Bigly.  For example Snap. "One of the Hottest IPO's of 2017".

It used to be that companies would create products and we would buy them out of joy. Now we buy products only to have the entire premise of why you bought it tossed out the window. We are just consumer hostages in your big scheme to make people's money evaporate. And frankly it makes me sad. Gone are the days where you made a product that spanned the decades of time. Like computers did. Now -  you just get the money and run before people figure out what a sham things are. And investors lap this crap up because.....there is almost nothing of real value going on right now. What choice do you have?

When I think of how Silicon Valley was when I was growing up and I look at it now - I kinda want to puke. It's the saddest thing ever. People should feel ashamed! But they don't.

Companies fall all over themselves trying to lose money, because in Silicon Valley you can only fail up. It doesn't matter how much money you vaporize. It should make the whole Valley feel embarrassed! Because IT IS embarrassing.

Silicon Valley is nothing but a bait and switch machine right now. And when economies are weak - you might get away with that for a little while. But it's only because we have no choice. Rue the day we will. Because this company is going to die. I mean, what's not to love? Snap became popular because messages disappeared. Now they stay forever. But good news everyone, you can put more dog faces on everyone. That is certainly worth billions of dollars. It doesn't feel anything like a fad. Said in the most sarcastic way. I mean, those ad dollar are really being used well, don't you think. We all pay attention to them right? Well, I daydream until I'm allowed to view what I went to a site to see.  I'm a consumer hostage. I don't remember those ads two seconds after I've seen them. We have ad fatigue.

A LOT of people have been comparing the market right now to the bubble. Which I kinda scoffed about. There hardly feels like enough froth to justify it. One company went IPO last year. Nine so far this year. But when I read all the news about Snap - I had to wonder if we are closer to the year 2000 than the year 2007.

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