Monday, December 22, 2008

Twas the lights before Christmas......

I may or may not get better pictures. I have a lot of houses to get to.

Plus, I've got "that cold" again. So standing out in the cold and rain every night might not be productive. On a side note - the other day I was in a store. The guy behind me ran into someone he knew. Where he revealed to the guy he'd come down that "that" cold.

You know it sucks when you don't even have to call it a name. Right? You just tell someone it's "that cold" and they intuitively know which ones your talking about. You don't even have to give any symptoms.

Lucky me though- someone mutated it, and gave it back to me! Now bets are on if I'll get rid of this before CES, and if I do - will I get another mutated form. I'm going for a cold world record this year folks!

P.S. When I give it to you - it will be antibiotic resistant. Just saying.

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