Saturday, December 20, 2008

The flash addition.

People! My city seems to be on overachiever overload. People are doing some pretty crazy things for Christmas this year. A few days ago I heard about this house. It was suppose to be a big setup. So, out we go to check it out.

When we get there my mouth drops. First of all, you can practically see it from outer space. Secondly, tons of people come. Tons! They block the street. In fact, it is such an ordeal, I think the neighbors must want to commit crimes. He's got surveillance everywhere. So, maybe they already have. With no exaggeration - I'm betting if anyone in that neighborhood sold their home, this display would be a disclosure item. Not even kidding.

In IR.

As I was taking pictures of this house from across the street, another guy was taking some pictures with flash. This prompted the following exchange:

Me - Baby. Do you think my shots would look better with flash.

Mr S. - No.

Me - Why?

Him - Because flash isn't going to work here.

Me - But, that guy over there has a pretty expensive camera and he is using flash.

Him - That's because he's a dumbass. Flash isn't going to help.

Which I comprehend. I went to an event recently and was up in the balcony. Everyone down below was using flash, and you could really see how limited flash is. Yet, it doesn't stop me from wanting to use it. I probably under use flash now, more than overuse. So I'm making progress. Still, I'm sure Mr S. gets tired of being asked.

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