Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It was the worst of times.

Don't worry, I'm not in the habit of taking photos of gas prices. It isn't "one of my things". But, this weekend when I saw gas prices had gotten so low - I had to take a picture. I'd remembered accidentally getting a shot of a gas station from this summer.

I couldn't help but reflect on how unimaginable the last 6 months have been. Not that there aren't daily opportunities for this kind of reflection. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined over 4 buck gas. And once that happened - I never thought I would see almost a buck fifty. I just sort of wanted to immortalize it on the blog.

I don't know how this whole economy thing is going to shake out.....but, this period in time is certainly life altering. I know I will never look at things the same way.

If someone would have predicted all the forces would come together to change the world the way it did, I would have dismissed them as a fatalistic moonbat. A lot of days it doesn't seem real. Yet it is.


  1. I was tempted to take a picture of gas prices myself yesterday: $1.519 just 20 miles south of my home town. Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was shelling out $4.50+ here in Califreakia.

  2. BOO!!! We're still at $2.10 here in Germany. But it's better than the $4.11 we were paying back in October. And way, way better than the .51 EURO a LITRE we would pay off base, back when 1 Euro=$1.68.

  3. I just saw prices at $1.26 and almost crashed the car. I worked at a gas station during 9/11 and everyone FREAKED when gas went to $1.89. If the price goes under a dollar, I am going to be mind blown!