Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Coffee talk.

Yes, Readers. I'm posting on Christmas Eve.

Mr S. has to work today. I know eventually you will come to my site after you are all foodied out, and sick of your families. So, I give you the gift of entertainment. You are welcome!

Mr S. and I braved the markets today. It was mostly okay. Although I have to admit, I will be really glad when the holidays are over. Not for the reasons you think. But, because of the incessant sad Christmas music this year. Not one "Holly Jolly Christmas" song. All "It will Be a Blue Christmas" types. And frankly, the are no smiles this year. It is very affecting.

Anyway. The reason for my post. As Mr S. and I were checking out - he spotted this odd product.

Since the hippies are getting on my nerves this year, I was naturally curious. After all, I thought coffee was on that list of things that piss hippies off. There is that free trade issue. And I was trying to figure out how shipping in coffee grounds was more eco friendly than having a guy drop a shitload of firewood in my driveway. Not to mention - anyone who is an addict like myself knows how much waxy buildup coffee grounds produce. Who wants that in a fireplace? But, Readers it gets better. Look at this gem from their website:

"If you're a couple looking to heat up your love like and bedroom this winter, or a family in search of a favorite pastime to accompany game night, a fire can offer warmth, romance, and nostalgia. There are approximately 22 million fireplaces in the U.S., but unless you're a Boy Scout (or Fabio), many Americans don't know how to use them - let alone have the stamina or know-how to chop wood".

Hmmm.. what to say - what to say? Yes - fire is very, very confusing.

Really! This is what we have come to as a Nation? People! Invite a 10 year old boy child to your house. I guarantee that kid can start a fire. Is this some skill (like swimming) you are born with and somehow loose as your grow older if you don't use it?

Oh, and look at this other gem from their website:

"No Axe Necessary! And what's with the confusing wood log terminology"?

I think this site might have killed the last shred of hope I might have had about humanity. I thought we were going to make it as a nation. But, they have proven me wrong. Good job!

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  1. Happy Axial Tilt to you, Mr. S, and the Buns.
    (Sarge just realized last night that Christmas=Christ + Mass. This is after I told him the whole "Jesus is the reason for the season" thing. Hey, I was a retail slave for 8+years,)

    I can freaking rock a fire(no surprise right?) But I grew up with a fireplace in my house. Though that's no measure, since Sarge did too, and he stands at our firepit with a cup of gasoline in his hand (SCARY!!!).

    Enjoy your day!!