Friday, December 12, 2008

It is the moon my angels.

Sometimes completely random things happen. These photos are some of my favorites. I was taking pictures of this church in infrared. This child walked out with its mother in this little outfit. Made my ovaries move it was so cute. Since these moments happen only briefly, I wasn't able to switch back out of IR before the moment was over.


Keyser Söze said...

Say, do you use a digital or a "real" camera? Keyser's been thinking of buying a new digital one (the old one is five years old), so if you use the former sort, do you have any advice? Keyser has in mind something versatile--good for both distance and close-ups.


One Reader said...

I love your use of IR. It really brings a different perspective to the pictures.

she said: said...

I'm not sure I'm the best person to give advice. I'm a bit of a hack.

Plus, I find it hard to give advice for something that I think most people have very individual tastes in. Both in price and expectations.

Some people are very happy with a point and shoot. And a lot of them take great pics. Others want a bit more versatility. But, that is always combined with more effort.

I guess my advice is - figure how much effort you want to put into it early on. When I bought my DSLR I figured I'd buy one good lens and that would be that. Now I haul around 3 lenses generally. Which can be a bit of a pain in the ass.

If you do go the DSLR route - fall in love with a lens first, then buy your body. A lot of the new camera bodies have fantastic image stabilisation. Which is nice. That way you don't always have to pay up for the lenses.

Keyser Söze said...

Hmm. Well, thanks for the advice. I'll ponder the matter further.