Sunday, December 28, 2008



  1. Okay, Keyser gives up. FTN=Family Television Network?

  2. I can't figure it out either. But, since that tiny sticker is the South Park characters - I'm doubting it has to do with family anything.

  3. Well, putting it all together we get a far of South Park who thinks s/he's okay and you, the other person, aren't. Seemingly, "California" is being said to "heart" something, and under the circumstances one might presume that the comment is negative. LZY certainly suggests "lazy." But at that point--nothing. F could be effing, but those more familiar with the local patois will have to divine TN.

    And "Euro Van" doesn't really go with the South Park vibe. Perhaps we're dealing with a split personality. Or maybe it's just a used vehicle.

    Quelle mystery!