Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No one saw this coming. NO ONE!

I still have some stuff to post to get caught up from my week off - but today has been pretty much wrapped up with my renter.

I clearly am mentally retarded, because those areas of my brain that are suppose to tell me "hey, renting to that guy is going to be like a never ending home improvement project" stopped working and failed me. My brain pisses me off that way. More importantly, no matter how much you think you know someone - you don't. And it just bums me out.

Paying rent late hardly even bothers me - I can get over a lot of things. But, he has turned into a much bigger bullshitter than I expected. Un-necessarily at that.

For a week every month - I want to evict him. This month, it's been a little bit longer. And - oh so strong.

Oh... so... strong. Strong enough that I had to start stalking my house over the weekend. I wasn't sure if he'd abandoned the place. People are doing crazy things right now. I was somewhat reassured that someone lived there, there was a BMW parked out front after all.

I we finally got a hold of him I was ready to give the guy a break on the whole rent thing this month. With Christmas and the hard times. I would have understood if he'd just told me things were tough. But - OH- NO! He had to tell me he was hanging out in Cabo. As in Cabo San Lucas.

And here I thought one of the first rules of being a tenant was to not tell your landlord you are on a great vacation when you haven't paid your rent. It tends to piss them off.

It's the first rule. Right?

For now I just pray that he finds a girlfriend and moves out of my place. Of course, being an atheist - I don't expect my prayers to be answered.


  1. Well, if there is a god, surely s/he must pay more attention to the prayers of atheists. They're so disinterested!

  2. I would just call us less needy.

    Besides, if I'm wrong and there is a god and it turns out to be a woman - I'm screwed. My renter is sort of an asshole to women. Surely a female god would take a dim view of that.

  3. Umm, regardless of anyone's views on deities:

    A-hole doesn't pay rent = A-hole needs to find someplace else to live. Period.

    Or is it legally that difficult to evict renters in your state?