Monday, December 15, 2008

Takes my breath away.

In a very literal way. Remember a few days ago I said that Mr S. and I planned to drive to the snow? Yeah.....we might not need to drive. It is so f-ing cold here. Sub-freezing kind of cold. We Californians aren't used to that kind of thing. I wonder if I should be concerned about my pipes.

Also taking my breath away? This guy. I can't even muster enough energy for a punch in the neck. It is just unbelievable the level of crazy this guy has to be. To know that someday the machine will stop, and ruined lives will be at your feet. It really is hard to wrap your mind around.


  1. This weather in the East Bay is really crazy. We have 10 months of summer and then it turns freezing on a dime. Last night, it got so cold that I had to use my fireplace for the first time and then today there was a violent hailstorm at my office. I'm not sure whether I prefer the extreme heat or the extreme cold, but it almost makes me want to move back into San Francisco where the microclimates keep it more moderate.

  2. Of course -it is the only logical thing to happen. Unemployment is up, the economy is in the tank - so why not some agricultural losses? Who's counting anyway. The government will just print more money - right?

    My mom was wrong - money does grow on trees, apparently. Just not in California.