Friday, December 26, 2008

Isobot - So happy together.

I never thought she'd stand for this. Which is why the not so great picture. Generally, bunnies aren't fond of robots. When I first started it up Saffron was pissed. But, now she's gotten to the point of letting it pet her. Paisley is much more mellow. She was pretty fine with it right away.

Now onto the bot. Mr S. got this for me. Neither of us thought it would be that great. They used to cost 300 bucks. For that kind of money, it sucks as a toy. But, now they are discontinuing them, they cost a third of that. And for a 100 bucks - it is kind of amusing. For something that has brains that fit into a 2x2x2 inch box (which includes 3 AAA bats) it is slightly impressive. It actually performs a lot of routines for something so small. And it has a lot of voice commands. Again, it isn't great - but, it isn't bad either. Look at this guys video review here.

One day I will look back on this moment a little like we look at pong now.

Now a little way-back story. Growing up in "the valley" you used to be embarrassed to tell people you played video games. People who played them - well, were really deemed not normal. Look at you all now people. Main-stream! Just say'in.

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