Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh yeah - I'm moonbat crazy.

Well... it is final. I'm going to CES. I just booked my bunny sitter. I hardly even know that woman, but I think I love her. For a pet sitter - she is so completely normal. So normal in fact, I get a complex telling her about all my bunny shenanigans. Like asking her to turn on the television for the bunnies to listen to while we are gone. I'm embarrassed to even admit it. But, people - they like television.

And, she's cute enough to placate me. Last time we were gone she even vchip-ed their content. Which I thought was a little extreme. Yet funny. Hey - who can blame her? I'm asking her to let the rabbits watch television. It is a little crazy.

If I was motivated enough, I'd become a pet sitter. Not because I like pets, but so I could start a blog. The stories she tells us about her other clients are way on the crazy side. Which is the main factor in not becoming a pet sitter. I'm not putting up with all the crap she does.

1 comment:

  1. V-chipping the rabbits is the only responsible thing to do. Can't you imagine what watching the wrong sorts of shows could do to impressionable bunnies? Just one episode of Grey's Anatomy and Keyser shudders to think what they might get up to...