Monday, December 08, 2008

Stumbled upon.

If there is anything you know about me - it is that I'm easily distracted by light. As a matter of a fact, Mr S. and I went to "a thing" the other night, and Mr S. and I had the following conversation.

Him - I was ready to go like a half hour ago.

Me - Me too! I was ready to go.

Him - Well, when I'm ready to go, I'm heading for the exit.

Me - I was heading for the exit. Just in a zig-zaggy way.

Him - Yeah, but anything that has a shiny light sends you off track. Keys (he then holds up his hand in a gesture that imitates someone shaking keys) A traffic cone sitting on a light. (Which I do actually have a picture of. It was a lit up traffic cone! How dare he talk to me that way.)

Anyway.. I'm getting off track. That was just the preface.

So, last week we went to see Joel Mchale. I wouldn't say I'm a fan. But, he was here locally. And I do appreciate/resent he informs me of crappy reality shows I may not have been aware of. To get to the venue, we had to go past Mecca. I mean Apple. They are the only ones making money in the Valley, so I'm calling them Mecca for now. We were going to stop by the Apple store, but I got distracted by this light. I pleaded for Mr S. to go in the direction of the light so I could get a picture. Neither of us could figure out what it was.

Initially I was just going to take a picture of the outside of the building. But, once we got there I realized it was an office building, and decided to see if I could just walk in. Which we did.

Much to my surprise there was this big glowing light thing inside, and I started taking pictures. As I was doing this a few people in the office building started engaging us in conversation. Apparently they were in the middle of setting this thing up. They still had the boxes and scissor lifts out. But, the best part is.... It was a Chihuly! You can see my pictures of the Chihuly exhibit here.

The thing was so ginormous that if you look into the bottom left hand corner of the picture you can see one of the workers. I should have asked if they get free install, or how that whole thing works. Definitely not a do-it-yourself kind of thing.

Possibly not the best pictures I've ever taken. But, the people in that office building are obviously are not feeling the pinch of the economy. I don't know how much Chihuly's cost - but I was guessing upwards of 30 grand.

The office building people also were pretty excited that we'd seen the Chihuly from the street. I mean, they seemed to be happy for the attention.


  1. It looks like a spiny uvula - and yet it's very compelling.

  2. Interesting mental image. I'm pretty sure I just got over that cold with the spiky uvula.