Sunday, December 07, 2008

Past the point of no return.

It seems only like a year ago I was buying a 500MB drive. Maybe its been two years now. But, at the time it was an "oh my f-ing gawd" moment. It was a ridiculous indulgence. I was never going to need that much space.

Start taking photos in RAW form, and you find you can quickly blaze through some drive space. A drive that big though, presents a bit of a problem.


500MB is sort of in an area - where the only way to backup, is with another drive. So, when my drive started making grinding noises last week - it sent a shiver up my spine. I hadn't backed up in a while. I had to shut my machine down. I couldn't loose my years of pictures.

The drive was just going to be replaced with another 500MB drive. That is.... until we found out that you could get a Terabyte drive for a 100 bucks.

That's right. A terabyte! For... a... hundred... bucks.

Now we have to go through an old timey rant. When I first started my technology career, only places like NASA needed terabytes of disk space. And - it cost as much as a house, and took up a room of servers. Now, they cost a hundred bucks! How great is that?

So, we got two. So I could RAID my drives. (Which by the way - only big companies used to be able to afford) That way if the first drive fails, the hope is my other drive has been mirroring the first. And, I won't have to worry as much about drive loss.

Even crazier? After we ordered the drive - we found out we could upgrade to a 1.5 terabyte drive for 120 bucks. That my friends is completely insane.

We stayed with the terabyte, because it had good ratings. The 1.5's hadn't been out that long.

I'm still in a little technology shock.

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