Thursday, February 02, 2017

Was Australia trying to offload ~all~ of their refugees on us?

I read pretty much every day. So I kinda know a 'little' about the refugee issue over there. They won't even let them in the country, they put them on a couple of Islands. So, I think the whole hysteria about this today is ridiculous. But then I got curious - how many people do they have over there. And if this is correct - wow Australia.

"1262 People in detention on Nauru (390) and Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (872). Source: DIBP." Source.

I love ya Australia- but that is sort of a dick move. And we are supposed to be apologizing to you?

Update - This appears to be true. From -

"Mr Obama agreed to allow 1250 refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to be permanently settled in the US, an arrangement Mr Trump has slammed as a “dumb deal”."

It's one thing to take "some" refugees. It's quite another to take ALL of your refugees!


  1. Just wait until CA becomes a sanctuary state and you can enjoy all that extra 'vibrancy'.

  2. That's a net no change. California is the KING of amnesty. It's been this way the whole time I've been alive. It isn't the vibrancy that bothers me - it's having to work harder to pay for them. I think I read that is costs 55 million a year to house less than a thousand people on those islands! But I could be making shit up too. Sometimes I skim articles so don't quote me on that number. All I remember was thinking - if they just gave those refugees that money they would be filthy rich. Problem solved.