Wednesday, February 08, 2017

California is going to need a LOT of money.

We are suppose to get another Yuuuuge storm tomorrow. And the weather guys are now saying that EVERYONE is on the table for flooding.  I totes believe them. Before the end of the day tomorrow all the burbs could have significant access problems. Niles canyon will probably flood again. Santa Cruz - who knows what might come down on the hill. Altamont Pass is now gutting vehicles and is half closed. Traffic is going to be chaos. Everyone will have to take the major freeways.

I live in the burbs, but everyone who works in the burbs comes from even farther inland like Tracy. Before the storm - the stories I would hear about the Pass were mind bending. People would say that cars would just be lined up with flat tires. It has needed work for a very long time now. The hole above took out at least 15 tires this morning allegedly.

The winter this year is just crushing our roads which is funny because when I drove across the country two years ago I was amazed at how much worse our roads were. Even States with routine snow! Then all of a sudden this fall it seemed like California came up with some money and started resurfacing tons of roads and we all were relieved. Until now. Because the rain has disappeared all that work. The roads are worse than ever. A couple of days ago there was a major backup on a freeway and I'm pretty sure they were just rolling hot patching the road. I never saw an accident.

The winter had been so rough this year that I'm shocked that people haven't started blaming the weather for anything. The ground is too wet for construction. Part of that oil inventory build might be due to that that. I mean, we all have pools now! Well, that's maybe a little dramatic. But still.


  1. It is not the State of California that is gonna need a lot of money. It is the Peoples' Democrat Republic of Alta California that is going to need a lot of money after they get their secession. And printing "CaliPesos" ain't gonna cut it.

    Subotai Bahadur

  2. Damn, anonymous beat me to it.

    I want CA to secede so they can create that socialist we all love each other utopia take root and prove itself under dire circumstances like a combination of a statewide floods and earthquake. I'm sure everyone will pull their weight knowing that all cultures are equal and deep down we are all human. :LOL:

  3. I wouldn't notice a change honestly. But you guys know we are like the 6th largest economy in the world. Right? I wouldn't bet on the Calipseos being so worthless. But we are constantly trying to secede. Usually they are only trying to cut the State in half from North to South. I don't even pay attention to it anymore. It's just a very Californian "thing". It comes around every few years.

    Interesting name Subotai. Is that a nym? Can't help but notice it's close historical relevance.

  4. No worry about wine from CA. We got some nice Texas wines. We also have bourbon whiskey distillers, vodka (Titos), and plenty of craft brewers. We'll be okay. :)

  5. "Texas wine". Now I've heard everything. That's a euphemism for whisky. Right? Have you guys gone soft? I was hoping you'd be my bug out state keeping me safe with moonshine and BBQ.

  6. This exists, BTW: Texas Hill Country Wineries.

    So does this: Texas Whisky.

    I have my doubts about these things, naturally.

    That's because someone long ago had me attempt to drink one of these: Pearl Beer.

    But things may be looking up for Texas since that brewery is now history ...

    Actually, if you like snark, you should try Florida instead. :-)

  7. I can't say Pearl Beer is the height of Texan craftsmanship in beer, but we do have plenty of German and Czech influence not owned by international companies.

    Shiner Beer for example is still brewed in Shiner, Texas.

    Too bad the urban areas of CA have been run over by the east coast libtards over the decades and a questionable population. CA also had a substantial oil industry at one time and still has untapped resources off its coast. It could have been the Texas of the West coast.

    Remember CA lefties, if you secede, then we can all succeed.

  8. Ooooooh! Right. That's why everyone is excited about it. I haven't heard one Californian talk about it, but a lot of people on the net are. You guys really hope we will so you can too! That's funny.

    I'm sorry to let you down. These people are never going to agree to this. They will never vote for something that doesn't include a tax.

    Regarding the oil - that's pretty much the whole liberal mindset. Everything has to stay wrapped up in a perfect bubble. Washington has that problem too. They have tons of lumber they could sell. But to promote trade I'm sure we made some agreement with Canada so we can't sell it.