Thursday, February 09, 2017

Ari Levy. Winner of the laziest, most biased one sided reporting I've read today.

Step one - Take a story and make it about Trump when it has nothing to do with Trump AT ALL. Instead mold the story around the political narrative you are trying to push.

Step two - Completely disregard that the owners of the company in the article severely mismanaged the company. I mean, don't say ONE thing about it - because this is all Trumps fault.  GOT IT? Even though the problems started at least a year before Trump even came into office. Sounds like they basically ran it like a frat house. Which I don't care about - but frat houses are always dumps. Companies run that way turn into dumps. I can always tell which company are going to crash by how extravagant their Christmas parties are.

Zenefits shows the harsh reality behind Trump's effort to create more US jobs.

"Don't expect any joint press conferences between President Donald Trump and Zenefits executives anytime soon.

The maker of human resources software, whose outgoing CEO David Sacks is good friends with Trump adviser Peter Thiel (they co-founded PayPal and Thiel is a Zenefits board member), announced on Thursday that it's building engineering teams in Vancouver and Bangalore — while eliminating 430 jobs in the U.S.
The expansion in Canada and India will "better complement the already established and proven team we have in San Francisco," Zenefits wrote in an e-mail to employees."

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