Friday, February 03, 2017

How else do you get them stop voting for people that make stupid laws?

Another Travel Ban: IRS Moves To Revoke Passports For Unpaid Taxes.

To be sure - I'm not sure if this is a stupid law or not. But I do find it funny in a way that Trump is using their own laws against them. I mean in California there isn't a tax people WON't vote for. As those of us with houses know well. I pay for schools for children I don't even have on my property tax bill! And I find it really irritating. It isn't a "little" bit either.

People that don't own anything are like - yes, yes, yes. Then we get stuck with the bill. I'm not sure I'm crazy about all of the stuff Trump is doing, but if he gets people to think about the stupid laws they are enacting - maybe I'm going to look the other way for a minute.

I mean, California just enacted a rule this year that you can't touch your phone without getting a ticket. Do these people know how Waze works? It is really offing hard to get around the Valley without having to find alternate ways these days. That means touching your PHONE!

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