Sunday, February 05, 2017

I see this as very temporary.

Went into Lowe's today and noticed they had a new "smart home" area.

If I need to do some plumbing or electrical work, - there is a chance I can find someone in there that can help with a question.

Are they going to hire people to help you put things on your home network? I mean, most of the stuff doesn't need it right now.  But that doesn't really seem like a Lowe's kind of "thing".


  1. Lowe's doesn't seem to be able to stock decent CAT 7 Ethernet cables most of the time, so no, I don't take this "smart home of the future" stuff very seriously at all ...

    "I don't know anything about plenum ratings, I just work in lumber." :-)

  2. As a home owner, I don't see much point in automating a home. I used to think it was neat as an engineer, but sometimes, 'dumb' works just fine and gets the job done for less money and hassle.

  3. When I moved into my house I thought I would put motion sensor lights everywhere. Like they have in offices. Where you just walk in and the lights come on. But then I realized I'm up in the middle of the night way too often for that. When I'm not sleeping well, all I need is lights popping on when I move around. Only two places in the house have them. Garage and laundry room. The two places you aren't going in the middle of the night.

    Now I do have to guilty admit that the Nest thermostat I love to death. The smoke detectors not as much. But being able to turn your heat back up before you get home if you go out of town for the weekend is amazing. And eventually it does sort of learn what you like and adjusts the temps. I hate that I love it - but I do. You'd be amazed at how quickly you acclimate to not having to use your legs like a sucker to change the heat setting.

  4. And if you have cats, they will soon realise that they can use the automatic lights to torment you during the night. :-)