Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's finally sunny.

When I posted yesterday I didn't really think we were going to get much more rain. Then about 4:00, the sky just unloaded! And it rained so hard - it was biblical for about an hour and a half. Then it just stopped. Like a light switch went off.

I think people were fairly impressed because everyone poured out of their houses like ants and went down to the creek to see it. I've never seen that many people there, and they all were talking about the storm. Lot's of people who live by the creek were down there too.

I talked to a lady who lived in the mobile home park who said the night before was crazy. You can see they only had a few feet before things would have gotten real. Even the nice houses in the first shot above must have been freaking out. That night before the water was over the road to the right of the frame. When we first tried to get into the park the road was closed.

The further into the park we walked the more homeowners I talked to. They said the previous evening at about 10:00 the creek rose so high that it came within four feet of the road. The water was really down by the time I got there, but you can kinda see a bridge in the distance. I guess they were probably checking the creek all night.

I have to admit - I didn't think that was at all possible.  There is a depth guage on the bridge and I think it says 6 feet. But I think it's lying. The creek usually doesn't look like it's more than 3 feet deep.
One of the houses was so lucky. You can see the debris field.

The water got to the level between those boys and me. You can see from the debris.

On the other side the water came up to the debris field below.

They tried to block off the park, but pretty much no effs given by anyone.

This guy would have been under water probably to his waist.

I keep going back to this place because my neighborhood is on pretty high ground. I think about 70% the city is downhill from me. and my back yard got so flooded that when it stopped I was like thank gawd. I'm glad we have a break because the ground just can' not soak up any more water.

I really don't think we are out of the woods until the snow melt happens. I was laughing with Mr S. last night because the ski resorts have suffered so much the past four years and now they have mountains of snow, and people can barely get there. All the roads are so messed up.

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