Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Self driving cars can't come fast enough.

I'm not sure why I live such a crazy life sometimes. Last night my property manager emailed me and said that one of my neighbors across the street crashed into my rental. Considering some of the damage I've seen when people get "pedal confusion" - I feel pretty lucky. Two times in the last year businesses in my city have suffered major damage after someone had literally driven all the way through their buildings. All the way to the back wall. One of the businesses a couple of people died.

Mr S. was like - How does that happen?! I'm like - how does that happen? It happens all the time. A couple of years ago my neighbor to the back told me that his neighbor went to pull out of this driveway and floored it. Drove through the neighbors fence and wound up in their pool! They had to have the pool drained with a hazmat crew because a car was in there.

Thankfully I think my fireplace helped stop the car. And double thankfully no one got hurt. This house was already a dead persons house. And that is a disclosure item. The reporting period just came off this house a couple of years ago. I can joke about this now because no one got hurt - but yeah - I'm dead inside. After you know people are safe, you can make jokes about a lot of dark stuff.

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  1. Combine self-driving cars with AIs that have a bit of a mean streak ...

    "SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! You're too drunk for me to drive home! Now go sit in that alleyway until you puke it all up, because you're not puking in here!"

    The taxis where I used to live in England charged a minimum of £250 in cleaning fees if someone "soiled" the taxi because it was becoming a fairly regular and obnoxious thing.

    The council also charged £1000 for public littering, just to drive home the point (pun intended) that these people could be obnoxious somewhere else.

    Then again, I see a great opportunity for "bubble cars": self-driving cars that are essentially a plastic bubble that washes itself clean after being occupied ... :-)

    "John got so gobsmacked last night he had to bubble his way home ..."

    "That's just pathetic, people shouldn't know about his drinking problems."